I imagine and I make cajons out of solid wood.

I work alone, by hand.


Whatever the instrument, sound and playing comfort remain my two priorities.


Here you will find musical instruments, made to make music.

that doesn't prevent beauty, but it's not the primary goal.


Thinking and making a musical instrument,

it's like creating a companion for someone ...

I avoid over-painting the bride,

I rather give him heart.

It's a choice.


Good visit,




Glues and varnishes are water-based it's better for nature and better for your skin.

I use solid maritime pine (Landes or Galicia) for the body and poplar (France or Italy) for the tapa in 3 plies HQ

Less transportation,

less CO2

... more life !

The poplar in my tapas is not bleached with chlorine.

cajon artisanal de Jeff facteur de cajon passioné
Cajon artisanal fabriqué dans le Sud-Ouest