It was in 2005 that I started to take an interest in cajon, at a friend's house who had bought one in the high-end industrial sector.


I found the playing position very natural, but, I was missing something ...

Near the sound.

les premiers cajons...

I thought it was the model who wanted that, so I listened on big and small stages, I listened and tested those I found at retailers.

I asked sound technicians what they thought of this instrument,

most of them shared my opinion:

"It's not easy to have a cajon that sounds good at the base, you always have to tinker around, equalize, compress ..."

cajon artisanal fabriqué en france

Moreover, many of them who did not find the sound "specific to this instrument" sought to make it sound like a drums or a djembe. The explanation is simple, it goes from the cajon to the guitar, the plywood models are sorely lacking in character.
The manufacturers have chosen to produce standard (and secondary) sound cajons with a lot of look and communication. As in the middle of the guitar they announce a wood essence, whereas it is the last very fine layer of a plywood made up of everything else as well as multiple layers of glues which block the sound of the instrument and rotting the planet ...
From my point of view, plywood should only be used for the first assembly of prototypes (what I do) or for learning cajons (and again, that is discussed).

So I decided to make a cajon that sounded better than the ones I had listened to. I started to understand after a few weeks and kept looking ...

Cajon en Teck quand j'étais à Java

Step by step, taken by passion it is 2 years of prototypes and tests with professional musicians which allowed me to arrive at cajons which sound.


I thank these musicians for their welcome and their precious help.


Each one allowed me to make the necessary adjustments to make my cajons playable and sound ... Sometimes by completely changing course, sometimes by modifying the little detail that makes the difference, they helped me, I am grateful to them...

Monsieur Lukmil Perez
Monsieur André Charlier
Monsieur Manu Chao

I think I have managed to make cajons pleasant to play, that sound and that easily enter the mix.


I continue my research ...

Monsieur Dominique Mahut

By practical obligation, my cajons are now classified as "models".

But not being in favor of cloning ...

I reserve the right to improve them.